Slow start, but it’s working!!

I spent some serious time with the Wii on Wednesday. Yes, I know, it’s Saturday. Not very impressed with myself when it comes to the daily post, but maybe I’m just getting warmed up. It needs to become a habit.

Wii age: 23, Weight: -2!!!, I also made a new little rule for myself. Can’t Blog the Cheats! If I’m a big fat cheaty-Mc-cheatster I can’t boast about how well I did – It’s just not fair. Like today I was losing my balance on the body test and used the old tv on the floor next to me for balance. Cheating. It hurts many and helps few. I shoulda just manned up and fallen off..

So, first thing, I added 50,000 steps (the max) to Monday for all that DAMN RUNNING. Probably not enough, but I haven’t taken the time to learn all the features so I don’t know how to add a million years of running.

I DID manage to create a routine that really works my upper body:

19 Minute Routine

Halfmoon, Palm Tree, (inserted 50 sit-ups for no reason,) Standing Knee, Arm  & Lift, Jackknife, Lunge, Push-up & Side Plank (Hahahaha!), Shoulder Stand, Spinal Twist

To get me to 30 minutes I added some Hula Hooping, Rhythm Kung Fu, and Snowball game. That Push-up & Side Plank is NOT a joke. That’s probably what made my shoulders and chest so sore the next day.

I played some last night, but not anything significant. Friends up from Brooklyn, so it was ping-pong, snowball, etc… May not play more for a couple of days. I did do more crunches Thursday. I’m trying to squeeze them in wherever. I want this nonsense OFF ME!!

I’m considering buying an elliptical and canceling my fat tax. I never go to that stupid gym, and when I do I tend to just do cardio. This spring and summer I’ll probably be outside a lot and won’t use it. But I’ve been thinking this for months and haven’t done anything about it.

New daily goal: 19 minute Wii work-out in the morning, crazy amounts of cardio after work. This weekend I’ll probably be partying in Brooklyn, so there’s no guarantee that I’ll be Wiiing it up. But next week? Going hard. Everyday. It’s time to stop fooling around. I mean, swimsuit season IS coming… eventually.


Oh Snap, Horoscope…

“Yesterday’s dreamy aspects are still affecting you, making it difficult to set sensible limits. Unfortunately, you could succumb to the temptation of overindulgence today, which can turn a positive experience into a negative one. Be vigilant and think about what is enough and what’s too much. A small dose of self-restraint at the right time can be the key to your current success.”


Ok horoscope. I’ll take a deep breath and a shower, climb into bed and go to sleep.


But before I do… my cardio for the day:

I had to get from Brooklyn to Grand Central Station this morning. VERY early. And I am not a morning person. 6 am is not my friend. That’s the entire reason I don’t workout before work. 6 am is scary and cold and quiet. I’m not really interested. So this morning, I got up at about 6:30 ( I almost said 6:20, but that would probably be lying. I’m almost positive I laid there longer than planned.) brushed the chompers and fled my friends’ apartment for the A train. I’m pretty sure I managed to leave by 6:45. An hour was what I wanted to get there. I thought I’d even have time to get a muffin or bagel.  Hahahahahahahaha……

So I walk to the A train in the fresh snow, in my beautiful waterproof boots that I love! The train didn’t take very long to come, so I get on the train and wait for the42nd Street stop. Almost got off at 34th Street for some reason, but managed to stay on the train until 42nd, which is where I would catch the Shuttle to Grand Central. Right as I got to 42nd Street I glanced at the clock. I had about 14 minutes  to get to the train (and not the S… the Metro North train that, if I missed, I would have to wait an hour for another). Now, I had NO IDEA that the space between the A train and the Shuttle contained approximately 653 flights of stairs, 678 long twisty corridors, and many people – who all seemed to have all the time in the world to reach their destination. Well, I must have a guardian angel. For some reason I decided that I really needed to RUN LIKE HELL to that Shuttle if I wanted to make my train. So I started running. With my backpack. And my gigantic snow/water boots. I started to feel like someone was fucking with me and the S signs just lead you in a giant circle. I couldn’t believe how far I was running. And all those STAIRS!!!!! My heart started to beat in my throat in that way that you just know you’re gonna overheat or pass out or die? But I kept running. I might have blacked out. And I’m pretty sure that I shoulder-checked a female officer of the law. Then, I was there. And my highschool track coach was telling me to keep walking so I didn’t pass out, let my heart rate come down. A Shuttle pulled up and I got on. I got to G.C. with just enough time to run to my train.

I’m not working out tonight. I’m sleeping.

Take Two…

So… Fail. Well, preliminary fail. Or, as some call it, second chance (or fortieth, who’s counting?!?).

After I got all excited and blog-tastic, I went to bed, and woke up fat-minded again. I didn’t notice it at first. A piece of bacon here, a pepperoni there. A larger-than-average slice of butter on a forbidden bagel. Now it’s been days and I haven’t made a single post. Clearly I’m worried that all my readers will be disappointed in me for not being perfect.

<Climbs back on lop-sided mare… mare farts as she is mounted>

So I went to the store, bought veggies and almond milk. Did another half-assed round of Wii. Today I even went to the gym! I also had a yummy yogurt smoothie as an afternoon snack, in place of the usual 3+ cookies. One step at a time.

Hoping to get some Wii yoga in a little later tonight. I also need to pack my lunch for tomorrow. But before I go for the night, I want to clarify my goals. I’m not just in this to get sexy again – though that’s definitely a plus. I want to make my body inhospitable to things like cancer (Might as well mention the book “The Answer to Cancer: is never giving it a chance to start” – huuuuge inspiration to me!) and hospitable to things like babies. That’s right, I’ll say it out loud. Or in type, rather: BABIES. They like to grow in healthy places. Figure it’s time to prepare the land.

Hopefully I’ll wake up at 6 tomorrow and get my sorry behind to the gym.


B – granola bar & coffee

L – Annie’s and carrots, almond milk

Snack – grapes and yogurt smoothie

Dinner – pizza and cereal

Not great, but I’ve seen worse!

Well, here we go

I finally feel like I have something that might be fun to document.
So… last year I lost all this weight. I felt great, looked great, everything was freakin great. And then the recession hit my gradschool and I had to finish the equivalent of about 3 years of a Master’s degree in about 6 months. (Yes, I was going to lose my tuition.) I spent the first 2 months trying to fight it; cussing.. spitting.. wallowing.. dating hot guys… I spent the last 4 months on a round futon on the floor of my living room, eating (yes organic, but still..) pre-packaged and frozen food and finishing school.
The result? I have a Master’s of Science in Natural Health! And? I gained 15 pounds.


It’s so hard to  lose weight. I did it… and then freakin yo-yo’ed myself back to not-so-skinny. So now I’m pissed. I have spent months reading about the body, how to take care of it, what it’s made of, what makes it run… and now I have no choice but to use my knowledge to get myself back to sexy.
I figure, might as well document it. And it’s not as much fun to do it on my computer, where I won’t ever read it. Put it out there, maybe my mother will read it. Or my friend from work. Or noone. It is what it is.

The plan:

Using what I learned in school, my Nintendo Wii, my kitchen, some yoga equipment and maybe even my gym membership, I will try to lose the weight that I gained over the past 6 months. I will use the Wii to track my weight, etc.. I don’t know if it’s exact, but it’s close enough to please me. Plus, my scale is broken and I really don’t feel like buying a new one right now.

It’s winter in the Hudson Valley, and an especially brutal one, so some days activities like snow shoveling may be my workout-we’ll just have to see. In the spring there will be gardening to be done. And there’s always the house… it needs to be painted at some point.



Breakfast: granola bar and coffee.

Lunch: grilled chicken wrap and shared some waffle fries. choc almond milk.

Dinner: scrambled eggs and toast.

Maybe I decided to start this today b/c for once there’s no bacon or pepperoni.

Also did about 40 minutes on the Wii. I found some new features that allow you to create workouts and personalize things. Did some yoga and hula hooping. The tops of my thighs are a little sore. I want cookies.