Well, here we go

I finally feel like I have something that might be fun to document.
So… last year I lost all this weight. I felt great, looked great, everything was freakin great. And then the recession hit my gradschool and I had to finish the equivalent of about 3 years of a Master’s degree in about 6 months. (Yes, I was going to lose my tuition.) I spent the first 2 months trying to fight it; cussing.. spitting.. wallowing.. dating hot guys… I spent the last 4 months on a round futon on the floor of my living room, eating (yes organic, but still..) pre-packaged and frozen food and finishing school.
The result? I have a Master’s of Science in Natural Health! And? I gained 15 pounds.


It’s so hard to  lose weight. I did it… and then freakin yo-yo’ed myself back to not-so-skinny. So now I’m pissed. I have spent months reading about the body, how to take care of it, what it’s made of, what makes it run… and now I have no choice but to use my knowledge to get myself back to sexy.
I figure, might as well document it. And it’s not as much fun to do it on my computer, where I won’t ever read it. Put it out there, maybe my mother will read it. Or my friend from work. Or noone. It is what it is.

The plan:

Using what I learned in school, my Nintendo Wii, my kitchen, some yoga equipment and maybe even my gym membership, I will try to lose the weight that I gained over the past 6 months. I will use the Wii to track my weight, etc.. I don’t know if it’s exact, but it’s close enough to please me. Plus, my scale is broken and I really don’t feel like buying a new one right now.

It’s winter in the Hudson Valley, and an especially brutal one, so some days activities like snow shoveling may be my workout-we’ll just have to see. In the spring there will be gardening to be done. And there’s always the house… it needs to be painted at some point.



Breakfast: granola bar and coffee.

Lunch: grilled chicken wrap and shared some waffle fries. choc almond milk.

Dinner: scrambled eggs and toast.

Maybe I decided to start this today b/c for once there’s no bacon or pepperoni.

Also did about 40 minutes on the Wii. I found some new features that allow you to create workouts and personalize things. Did some yoga and hula hooping. The tops of my thighs are a little sore. I want cookies.


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