Take Two…

So… Fail. Well, preliminary fail. Or, as some call it, second chance (or fortieth, who’s counting?!?).

After I got all excited and blog-tastic, I went to bed, and woke up fat-minded again. I didn’t notice it at first. A piece of bacon here, a pepperoni there. A larger-than-average slice of butter on a forbidden bagel. Now it’s been days and I haven’t made a single post. Clearly I’m worried that all my readers will be disappointed in me for not being perfect.

<Climbs back on lop-sided mare… mare farts as she is mounted>

So I went to the store, bought veggies and almond milk. Did another half-assed round of Wii. Today I even went to the gym! I also had a yummy yogurt smoothie as an afternoon snack, in place of the usual 3+ cookies. One step at a time.

Hoping to get some Wii yoga in a little later tonight. I also need to pack my lunch for tomorrow. But before I go for the night, I want to clarify my goals. I’m not just in this to get sexy again – though that’s definitely a plus. I want to make my body inhospitable to things like cancer (Might as well mention the book “The Answer to Cancer: is never giving it a chance to start” – huuuuge inspiration to me!) and hospitable to things like babies. That’s right, I’ll say it out loud. Or in type, rather: BABIES. They like to grow in healthy places. Figure it’s time to prepare the land.

Hopefully I’ll wake up at 6 tomorrow and get my sorry behind to the gym.


B – granola bar & coffee

L – Annie’s and carrots, almond milk

Snack – grapes and yogurt smoothie

Dinner – pizza and cereal

Not great, but I’ve seen worse!


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