Slow start, but it’s working!!

I spent some serious time with the Wii on Wednesday. Yes, I know, it’s Saturday. Not very impressed with myself when it comes to the daily post, but maybe I’m just getting warmed up. It needs to become a habit.

Wii age: 23, Weight: -2!!!, I also made a new little rule for myself. Can’t Blog the Cheats! If I’m a big fat cheaty-Mc-cheatster I can’t boast about how well I did – It’s just not fair. Like today I was losing my balance on the body test and used the old tv on the floor next to me for balance. Cheating. It hurts many and helps few. I shoulda just manned up and fallen off..

So, first thing, I added 50,000 steps (the max) to Monday for all that DAMN RUNNING. Probably not enough, but I haven’t taken the time to learn all the features so I don’t know how to add a million years of running.

I DID manage to create a routine that really works my upper body:

19 Minute Routine

Halfmoon, Palm Tree, (inserted 50 sit-ups for no reason,) Standing Knee, Arm  & Lift, Jackknife, Lunge, Push-up & Side Plank (Hahahaha!), Shoulder Stand, Spinal Twist

To get me to 30 minutes I added some Hula Hooping, Rhythm Kung Fu, and Snowball game. That Push-up & Side Plank is NOT a joke. That’s probably what made my shoulders and chest so sore the next day.

I played some last night, but not anything significant. Friends up from Brooklyn, so it was ping-pong, snowball, etc… May not play more for a couple of days. I did do more crunches Thursday. I’m trying to squeeze them in wherever. I want this nonsense OFF ME!!

I’m considering buying an elliptical and canceling my fat tax. I never go to that stupid gym, and when I do I tend to just do cardio. This spring and summer I’ll probably be outside a lot and won’t use it. But I’ve been thinking this for months and haven’t done anything about it.

New daily goal: 19 minute Wii work-out in the morning, crazy amounts of cardio after work. This weekend I’ll probably be partying in Brooklyn, so there’s no guarantee that I’ll be Wiiing it up. But next week? Going hard. Everyday. It’s time to stop fooling around. I mean, swimsuit season IS coming… eventually.


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