Eliminating Electropollution from the Bedroom.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about electromagnetic radiation and it’s effects on the body. I can’t remember which book I was reading that got me started on this… 8 Weeks maybe.. or Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson Haas… I’ll have to look it up again and report back. Anyway… whatever I was reading was talking about removing electromagnetic fields from the bedroom entirely. I became anxious almost immediately. I didn’t think about having to buy a new alarm clock (one that runs on batteries instead of plugging in) or moving my charging cell phone into another room. The rapid heartbeat was caused by one thought only… I can’t sleep without tv.

Now this is bad. I know that falling asleep to television disturbs sleep cycles. I read that years ago. Now it’s not just my sleep cycles, but my cells that are being disturbed. The body is super vulnerable at night, and those signals are nasty little disruptive beasts. So I think it’s time to try. I’ll be leaving my computer in my office tonight and trying to sleep without it. This could get rough. I think I’ll start early. Around 9… some tea and a book. Try to “wind down” and get to sleep on time. Long two days ahead to get to the weekend and I could really use some sleep. Might be a bad time to do this, but when would be a good time? Never.  So now. More later on electromagnetic fields and seasonal depression…


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